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Have you ever withheld information from your physician or told a “white lie” to your physician?  Is it because you believed that it couldn’t hurt, or you didn’t understand the importance of the physician knowing the information? Do you trust your physician?  It is vital that the physician-patient relationship is built on trust so that proper diagnosis can be made, and subsequent treatment is appropriate.  Improper diagnosis as well as inadequate treatment can lead to poor outcomes in health.  Physicians take an oath to “Do no harm” and “Do good”.

As The Nation’s Bedside Doctor, Dr. Prince goal is to empower everyone with medical knowledge that is needed to have a meaningful and positive interaction between patients and their physicians with neither party looking at a clock.

Through role playing different scenarios, the audience will be able to see examples of good and bad physician-patient relationships.  They will learn to be their own best advocate.

Author Tami M. Prince, M.D.

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